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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Persuasion (1995) - Romance at its best!

"Most faithful" doesn't always equal "best" for film adaptations: often you want to see a new angle to the material if you loved the book that formed the basis for the screenplay. Yet Roger Michell's adaptation of "Persuasion" for the BBC is perhaps the most faithful of the many Austen adaptations that followed, and is still simultaneously the best. Like Patricia Rozema in :"Mansfield Park," he brings great intelligence and brings forth certain latent ideas in the text that speak to the era in which he filmed it: he shows the grubbiness of the Regency era, and emphasizes the differences in class relations. But unlike Rozema, Michell has the good sense to trust Austen and allow his heroine to be as quiet and as patient as the author wrote her to be. Amanda Root, with her beautiful undertsanding eyes that speak volumes, is as faithful to Austen's conception of the role as could be imagined. The rest of the cast is terrific: Corin Redgrave enjoyed some well deserved praise later in his career for his snobbish and empty headed Sir Walter Elliot, and Phoebe Nicholls is just as good as his eldest daughter (given to fits of pique against her sister Anne). The compositions are also marvelous, with tremendous innovative use being made of the actual Bath and Lyme Regis locations.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

The Shop Around the Corner (1940) - James Stewart at his best

I'm a big fan of you've got mail, but i'm an even bigger fan of the SHop around the Corner.

The story: Stewart works as a head clerk in a store in eastern Europe. A new woman comes to work at the store and spoils Jimmy stewart days. At the same time, they are both involved in writing anonymous letters to each other and slowly fall in love with each other.

The movie is full of ironic situation and the entire cast that support Jimmy Stewart and Margaret Sullivan do a great job. Unlike you've got mail that tends to drag, this movie is full of energy and you can't see time go by.

When the two main characters finally discover their love for each other, it is the most poignant romantic scene i've ever seen. Any girl would want to be in Jimmy Stewart's arms at this point. He had a gift for really making you feel what the characters were going through, and in this case, you really feel the passion he feels for this woman.

I'm not into romantic comedies too much but if there's one to watch, this is the one, regardless of how old it is, the romance in it is timeless.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

The Mask (New Line Platinum Series) (1994) - The Mask (1994)

This film stars Jim Carrey in the popular Dark Horse comic book, "The Mask," while taking on an international crime syndicate in the name of justice and fun. The movie does seem a bit redundant at times and a bit too goofy, but the film still manages to be funny. The film is a laugh out loud riot, and it makes fun of all the typical super hero movie cliches that are expected. Jim Carrey gives a truly comical performance in this film, so it's no wonder why you can't take your eyes off the screen. Overall, this is a solid film for the entire family to enjoy.

The Life of Birds - Ten Fabulous Hours!

When my husband purchased this three-DVD series, I asked him, "Are you really SURE you are THAT interested in birds to watch ten hours of programs about them ?" But from the first hour, I was hooked. Every single episode relates so many different, interesting facts. Some things I had wondered about for many years, and they were explained.

For example, why is it that the birds start singing the very second the first ray of sun comes over the horizon, and they go on singing very noisily for about 30 minutes, at which point they quiet down again? (VERY annoying if you're trying to sleep.) Well, the answer is that each bird knows all of its neighbors, and calls to each neighbor periodically throughout the day to be sure it is still there and well, and to be sure that no foreign bird has invaded its neighbors' territories. Upon awaking each morning, each bird calls to it's own neighbors, particularly those of its own species, mainly to be sure that its neighbors are still alive and well. (Most birds are blind at night.) This exchange takes about half an hour, and is the birds' equivalent of our morning news. That's why it stops after half an hour, when each bird has finished talking to each of its neighbors. This is only one of the fascinating facts I remembered from this delightful series. I would highly recommend it to anyone who is the slightest bit interested in nature of any kind.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Chasing Liberty (Widescreen Edition) (2004) - Really likable romantic comedy

I LOVE Mandy as an actress. I think she's great. But she just didn't do it in this movie. The movie was roughly 2 hours long, maybe a little longer. It mainly involved her and her love interest going back and forth between whether or not they liked each other. There was no real plot or basis to the story, and her love interest didn't have a defined personality very much. I recommend a Walk to Remember instead. One of my favorite movies.

Black Narcissus - Criterion Collection (1947) - Eroticism runs riot in a nunnery

Not only is this the most erotic British film ever made... it is one of the most erotic films ever and in terms of understanding what IS erotic, is a pre-eminent example of 'less is more'. It has been remarked about some famous religious art works that there appears to be a conjunction between the face in a moment of religious ecstasy and the face in a moment of sexual ecstasy. Mr Powell and Mr Pressburger understood that entirely and made a feast of it. Just to consider the use of red: blushing nuns, red flowers, blood on a white habit, cherry lipstick, magenta dress, ruby shoes, a maroon compact... Combine this with the pulsating drums, everpresent wind, the oiled bodies of the "natives" and images of a booted foot hovering near the prostrate body of one of the nuns and you have a film of extraordinary sexual power. Never have the bare legs of a male, from just above the knees down, looked so provocative as they do in this film. But this is just part of this magnificent work. To own.

Monday, June 12, 2006

Aqua Teen Hunger Force - Volume One (2000) - Plans are for fools.

Matt Maiellaro (Space Ghost Coast to Coast, Hell Raiser 3, and Basketcase 3) and Dave Willis (Space Ghost Coast to Coast) direct and cowrite this masterpiece. I love these shows, and cannot wait to watch every episode from season two.

Frylock is the lead character so to speak. Frylock uses his super powers the most often (at least with a purpose), is the rational character, and plays referee between Meatwad and Shake. He may be a lot of people favorite character, but he is far from the funniest.

That honor goes to Meatwad. Meatwad is a character with child like attributes. He is taken advantage of by Shake, but when describing things that he sees, wants, or Shake has done to him, it is uncontrollably funny.

Master Shake is lazy, manipulative, broke, useless, worthless, unproductive, and a pain in the [...] to the rest of the characters. He usually gets everyone into trouble, and always tries to blame it on someone else. He is only funny in his interactions with Meatwad.

Frylock, Master Shake, and Meatwad are roommates; Carl is their landlord. Unfortunately for Carl, his tenants live to destroy his car, swim in his pool (which is not such a great thing when one of your tenants is a meatball. Carl is extremely funny, with his gold necklace, and having to put up with his tenants unbelievable stories, which are true.

This show is the best cartoon on TV right now, passing South Park, and the Simpson's in my opinion. I find myself holding my stomach laughing, and I do not even get to hear the whole back and forth. This show is too funny.

Grade: A

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Somewhere in Time - Collector's Edition (1980) - The first movie that stole my heart

Pocket-size plot summary: Boy sees girl in an old photo from the early 1900s. Boy wants to meet girl so he goes back in time, meets girl, loses girl...the rest is up to you to discover.

(WARNING: This movie IS for the faint of heart and those who weep openly! You will cry so get those tissues out now! No shame need be involved as this will remind you of all the joys and sorrows of being in love. You might need a little aspirin for the paradoxes of time travel, but that's what makes this fun and keeps those tissues from getting completely soaked.)

Back in 1982, "Somewhere in Time" aired on network television. I sat through the film spellbound by the beautiful scenery and sincere acting. Critics in 1980 (when the theatre-run movie first opened) did not like it nor could they understand why anyone else would. At the time I was only 12, at an "impressionable" age where B movie fare such as "Xanadu" and "Grease 2" made me ooh and ah. Twenty-two years later, I still love this romantic fantasy as much as ever, even though I tend to go for more mind-bending work such as "Mulholland Drive."

What the critics don't get and what is just plain wonderful is that "Somewhere in Time" no longer carries a "bad movie stigma." The Richard Matheson-scripted film enjoys a strong following among people who love lavish cinematography and lush film scores. Quirky movie guides often list "Somewhere in Time" as a must-see. You don't need a book or a critic, though, when you've got that magic feeling you get from this Jeannot Szwarc-directed piece. Movies today may be a lot smarter, charge your brain better and depict our often cruel world with frightening clarity, but can you honestly remember the last time your heart was tugged at with gooey-free innocence and yearning? If not, give "Somwhere in Time" a chance.

Many who enjoy Christopher Reeve's varied film career cite "Superman" as the work that made them take notice. For me, it was his role as the good-hearted Richard Collier who goes the distance for true love and is unwilling to face its loss. Jane Seymour, the 80s tv-miniseries darling and now a beloved celebrity, proved she could lend an understated touch to her acting and a modesty that suited the 1910 setting of "Somewhere in Time."

Friday, June 09, 2006

My Neighbor Totoro (2004) - A Very Sweet Story

Miyazaki-sama! There just aren't the words to convey how much respect I have for this man's work, and the rest of the folks at Studio Ghibli as well.

"Totoro" is the story of two girls, whose father relocated them to the countryside to be near an ailing mother who must stay at the hospital. As will most of Miyazaki's film, "Totoro" dances lovingly around the edges of fantasy and reality, as the two sisters develop a friendship with the other-worldly creatures who live nearby.

The story to this film is just so sweet. I babysit for the 2 year old daughter of my best friend, and when it's raining outside, or the world has us a little blue, "Totoro" is a movie we both enjoy. Great in its own right, there's NOTHING like watching the face of a young child light up when the cat bus appears.

The DVD - unfortunately - is of inferior quality. There is apparently no widescreen version, no choice of Japanese with sub-titles (which is how I prefer to watch Japanese films, as with all releases in other languages). There are no extras, but extras aren't usually my selling point.

I highly recommend this movie - as well as "Kiki's Delivery Service" - to parents who are looking for something beyond "Bob the Builder" to share with their children. Utterly beautiful, this movie is obviously crafted with love.

Dawson's Creek - The Complete Fourth Season (2001) - Season 4..wowie

I can't even begin to describe to you how much I love Dawson's Creek. I've been watching it since the pilot episode and since then...I've been hooked. Every moment has been magnificent to me. The first 4 seasons of the show had me bracing myself every Wednesday night at 8pm for four years. I waited and watched and as the characters grew (as corny as this sounds) I was growing myself.

Season 4 was remarkable. So was Season 3. And Season 2. Season 1... I find corny everytime i watch it, but I still love it too.

I must say, if you're a Pacey/Joey fan, this is the season for you. So is Season 3. Definitely Season 3. But this season just completely fulfills every P&J's fans dreams. I remember craving for another Pacey/Joey moment...

I can't wait to recieve this in my mailbox. Ahh.. another season to add to my collection. Pre-order it!


Trust won't be disappointed. At least not til the last 4 episodes or so...starting at Prom. :( Poor Pacey...poor Joey.

-Heather (

P.S. The show should've ended at this season, but I'm not gonna lie...I cried tears of pure joy at the end of Season 6. Amazing ending to an amazing show.